The 1st Question - 28 Jun 2020

*Tinies Prance*
*Music swells*

The Grande Finale Edition of the 1st Question!
Our Tribute to Paradox Olbers and the Era of The Scilands in Second Life

Paradox Olbers / Spike McPhee to whom this show is dedicated offered me the SpinDome in a special area of Second Life in which to produce The 1st Question in March 2008. In 2020 after 8 years off the air we came back to honor him in his passing. Paradox was a guru, friend, inspiration and is sorely missed, though there is comfort in knowing his ashes were scattered amongst the stars...

The show which ran weekly 2008/2010 and monthly 20011/2012 produced over 150 episodes of incredibly fun, rich content of humor and invention. The panelists were incredible people from around the world's science and tech communities who were there for business, universities and commerce. It was a show highlighting human innovation, one that made rock stars of smarts with questions about the past, present and future of discovery. The live audience logged in and texted along in real time, playing the game as it went along for some real immersive entertainment.  

Great thanks to everyone who were part of the shows, the crew who filmed, did sound checks, ran the game boards and provided security when needed. Also the tiny furries who opened with dynamic props and flair, riding tiny helicopters through burning hoops of fire among other mayhem.  And of course to the magnificent panel, a stunning array of visually and mentally brilliant avatars. Thank you for being game enough to play! And to our audience, smart and funny as the panel! It was great to be in this pioneering era of virtual entertainment, with The 1st Question being the only game show broadcast live over

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