The 1st Question - 12 Dec 2010

Tonight - Pathfinder Lester, sprag Parx and Eastman Wildrose compete for fun and prizes on the best science and tech quiz show in the world. Join your hosts Pooky Amsteredam and Hydra Shaftoe to see who will win a trip to the prize vault.

Why should society feel responsible only for the education of children, and not for the education of all adults of every age? ~ Erich Fromm

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1. Tom Weis
2. Spain’s Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
3. Texas – University of Texas
4. ChouChou, Electric Butterfly
5. University of Toronto and Rutgers University
6. Nerve growth factor, or NGF
7. Plant cells

The 1st Question - 5 Dec 2010

This week's panel Charles2 McCaw, Petlove Petshop and rgr Ampan competes for fun & a trip to the prize vault. Join your hosts Pooky Amsterdam & Hydra Shaftoe for another installment of the quiz show in the stars.

Honesty is the first chapter in the Book of Wisdom ~ Thomas Jefferson

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1. Magnetic recording tape
2. TheoryMine
3. China and Taiwan
4. University of Utah Burn Care Center
5. Benddesk
---tie breaker---
6. The SmartHand

The 1st Question - 20 Apr 2010

The quiz show to the stars has a distinguished panel of quizees for this episode with hosts Pooky Amsterdam and Hydra Shaftoe. Watch to see who will get the most points: M Linden, Sydney Caramel, FutureGuru Haiku or Professor Springflower.

Living is more a question of what one spends than what one makes. ~Marcel Duchamp

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1. HiWish or the HiRISE public suggestion tool
2. The 3rd Space FPS Gaming Vest
3. Silk
4. Greenbutts
5. The Power of Love
6. MERLIN network
7. The Grove shopping mall in Los Angeles
8. and/or ProPublica
9. De Stijl, after - The Style
10. Aleister Crowley
11. Vivos
12. The Aikon robot
13. iJustine or Justine Ezarik
14. Science Channel
15. Geobacter
16. John Desmond Bernal
17. Dr. Leon Lederman
18. A higher CO2 concentration
19. Resomation

The 1st Question - 16 Feb 2010

Does Emmo survive the Vat 'o Death? Watch to find out that and more - like which panelist will win a trip to the prize vault: Sonicity Fitzroy, Rhett Linden, RamonaPringle Avon, or Roxxor Foxley.

Reality seems valueless by comparison with the dreams of fevered imaginations; reality is therefore abandoned ~Emile Durkheim

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1. Procter and Gamble and Walmart
2. The Spy Video TRAKR from Wild Planet
3. The Hexapod robot
4. Tom’s Hardware
5. Google
6. Mycotecture
7. Intellectual Ventures
8. Edison's Conquest of Mars
9. The James Dyson Award
10. Germanium
11. Pranav Mistry
12. Google Buzz
13. Robert Scoble
14. A teetotum
15. James Vickery