The First Question - 16 March 2010

Pooky welcomes Troy McLuhan as co-host, sitting in for Hydra tonight. It's rare, but sometimes it happens - unstable connections cause problems for a guest. But that doesn't stop the fun and laughs with panelists Curious George, Patio Plasma, Boole Allen and FutureGuru Haiku.

The First Question - 9 March 2010

Watch and enjoy the fun and laughs with Pooky & Hydra as they greet this week's panel of quizees Zen Paine, Kit Guardian, Madcow Cosmos and Emmo Wei.

The First Question - 2 March 2010

The quiz show in the stars returns this week with more tech & science puzzlers. Pooky & Hydra welcome guest panelists Koach Ditko, Valiant Westland, Gus Plisskin and KarenKate Sands.