The 1st Question 77 - 22 Dec 09

Join Pooky & Hydra as they ask the questions of this week's panel of Justice League super heros Kalel Venkman, Kara Timtam, Maverick Grunfeld and GreenLantern Excelsior.

The 1st Question 76 - 15 Dec 09

If you've got the answers we've got the questions - The 1st Question. Treet yourself and watch panelists Mo Hax, Jianna Zerbino, Jessica Qin and Tomkin Euler.

The 1st Question 75 - 8 Dec 09

Join the fun with Pooky & Hydra as they welcome this week's panel Onder Skall, Doctor Rodenberger, Paolo Rousselot and AmericanActionHero Janick