The 1st Question 74 - 24 Nov 09

Who will win a trip to the Prize Vault? If you've got an answer, Pooky & Hydra have all the questions - and they are asking Mencius Watts, Prissy Price, Hack Richard and Fearchar Enoch.

The 1st Question 73 - 17 Nov 09

The Alpha Male panel was up to the quiz challenges from Pooky & Hydra. Check out this week's answers from Chris Ebi, Hiro Pendragon, Christopher Express and Wiz Nordberg.

The 1st Question 72 - 10 Nov 09

The quiz show to the stars returns with MCs Pooky Amsterdam & Hydra Shaftoe as they welcome guests In Kenzo, Clint Peccable, Kate McLaglen and Eyebeams Electricteeth.