The 1st Question - 26 June 2011

Filmed at the SL8B main auditorium, it's the kick-off of the 1st Q Championship! Who is the smartest avatar? Join the fun with this week's panel Troy McLuhan, CathyWyo1 Haystack and Patio Plasma back to test their wits with questions from Pooky and Hydra.

The 1st Question - 5 June 2011

Meet this week's talented panel RJ Kikuchiyo, Taralyn Gravois and RoseDrop Rust as they use their wits to compete for prizes and glory. If you've got an answer, Pooky & Hydra got a question.

The 1st Question - 29 May 2011

The Quiz Show in the Stars brings you a great show with guest panelist Topaz Joubert, Seba Serpente and Alexa Stuart. Join the fun with your hosts Pooky Amsterdam & Hydra Shaftoe for all your favorite segments including Yay Me Nay Me, Word Up, and the Inner Geek.