The 1st Question - 22 Jun 2010

The quiz show to the stars with your hosts Pooky Amsterdam & Hydra Shaftoe welcome this weeks guest panel Trader1 Whiplash, NomadMolly Nostram, Cyber Simsider and Tegan Jenvieve.

The 1st Question - 15 Jun 2010

This abreviated version of the show had some tech problems, but you will still love the fun and laughs with hosts Pooky and Hydra as they welcome guests Geenz Spad, Robin Roar, Lothar Leborski and Goshen Rasa.

The 1st Question - 1 Jun 2010

If you've got the answers, Pooky and Hydra have the questions. Who will win a trip to the prize vault? The 1st Question welcomes this week's panelists Selkit Diller, Josephine Junot, Metro Troglodite and Aeonix Aeon.