The 1st Question - 25 May 2010

It's another fun time at the Spindome for this week's science & tech quiz show with hosts Pooky & Hydra. See how the guest panel does in the race for points - Joey Aboma, Sitearm Madonna, Elf Ling, Meme Autopoiesis.

The 1st Question - 18 May 2010

Get ready for fun and laughter with your quizmasters Pooky & Hydra as they welcome this week's guest panelists JoRoan Linden, Pebbles Hannya, Matthew Anthony, June Stormcrow.

The 1st Question - 4 May 2010

If you've got the answers, Pooky & Hydra have the questions - The 1st Questions. Join the fun with guest panelists Jay Ackroyd, Andrew Hughes, August Lusch and Paley Westinghouse.