The First Question - 27 April 2010

This episode is brought to you by the letters... Pooky & Hydra host another quiz show with an alpha panel of JB Hancroft, Pb Recreant, QTPie Mixemup, and Q Linden.

The First Question - 20 April 2010

The quiz show to the stars has a distinguished panel of quizees for this episode with hosts Pooky Amsterdam and Hydra Shaftoe. Watch to see who will get the most points: M Linden, Sydney Caramel, FutureGuru Haiku or Professor Springflower.

The First Question - 13 April 2010

The Second Life grid is full of people to help you get started with your virtual life. Pooky & Hydra welcome just a few to tonight's panel - Ran Hienrichs, Tricia Farella, GreyWolf Mornington, Blitzckreed Levenque .

The First Question - 6 April 2010

Another fun-filled night of merriment with the quiz show in the stars with hosts Pooky & Hydra. Join the fun with the guest panel tonight Devon Alderton, Tyrehl Byk, Karen Shemesh and Damian Firecaster.

The First Question - 30 March 2010

With a focus on being green, your hosts Pooky & Hydra welcome tonight's guests panel of experts to the quiz show in the stars: Metaverse Engineer, JonnPano Novi, Meshed Gears, Bodhi Congrejo.